Wonder Boom Airport

Wonder Boom International Airport, Pretoria.

The famous Wonder Boom international airport is actually located north of Pretoria South Africa. The amazing airport handles general’s aviation flights and may offer passenger service in the future.

History of the airport

The famous airport was actually opened in 1937.It was built on the farm wonder boom which I approximately 15 km north of Pretoria. It was originally a civilian airstrip for light aircraft and was majorly used for the military training purposes during the Second World War before actually returning into civilian control after 1945 and to date it remains a light aircraft facility to this day. In 1965 the airport was extensively extended. With the construction of a new building and hangars which was constructed as well as the runways being extend it practically made the wonder boom airport to be able to receive the first Boeing 737 in the year 1932.The runways was once again upgraded tom its current length in the year 1993.

The schedule service plans

South African Domestic Airline.

In the year 2007, many plans were actually mooted by the city of Pretoria for scheduled passenger service form the amazing wonder boom airport. The airport will initially be able to cope with 450 departing and 400 incoming passengers per hour. The airport actually does not depend entirely of the international flights since the local flights are usually full.

Airport services

Like any other airport across the world, the wonder boom international airport has access to the major banking services. There  are  ATM’S which  are  usually  very  much  accessible  to  anyone who practically is in  need of cash inside the airport area .The security is actually tight and each traveler is very secure. The hotels are quite hospitable around the airport and the customer care service is very much okay

Transport to the airport

Pretoria Airport Taxis
Pretoria Airport Taxis

Most of the airport transport systems are the taxis which are operated by the locals. The Pretoria airport taxis are very much affordable and can easily access the airport without much fuss. The airport is very much near the city making it to be easily accessible and one can rarely miss his flight due to jams at t5he road since there roads  are big and in good condition.


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